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ESDoc has two goals. The first goal is reducing the cost to write an documentation, it is able to continuously maintenance. The second goal is without looking the source code of a library, it is to be able to use the library.

In order to achieve this two goals, ESDoc produces a practical document, measures the coverage, integrates the test code and more.

Difference between ESDoc and JSDoc

JSDoc is most popular JavaScript API Documentation tool. ESDoc is inspired by JSDoc.

  • ESDoc
    • supports ES2015 and later
    • targets at ES2015 class and import/export style
    • easy to use with fewer tags, because understand information from ES syntax.
    • generates detailed document
    • measures document coverage
    • integrates test codes
    • integrates manual
  • JSDoc
    • supports ES3/ES5 and ES2015
    • targets Class-base OOP and Prototype-base OOP
    • has many flexible document tags

Supported Languages

ESDoc supports ES2015 and later.

Version Y/N
ES2015 Support all features. But a part of export syntax is not supported.
ES2016 Support all features.
ES2017 Support all features.
ES Proposal Support a part of proposals. See Use ECMAScript Proposal.
ES3 Not support. Please use other tools.
ES5 Not support. Please use other tools.
Alt-JS(TypeScript, Dart, etc...) Not support. Please use other tools.

Supported Environment

ESDoc supports Node.js(v6 or later)

Import Path In Documentation

ESDoc displays the import path of class/function into the document. However, the import path may be different from real import path because usually ES modules is transpiled to use it.

So, ESDoc Import Path Plugin converts import path to real import path.

Who's Using ESDoc

And more.